Turn Any iOS Device into Airplay Receiver


How to

If you’ve got an old iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad and don’t know what to do with it , read on. Don’t just throw it away or sell it for a tiny amount, instead try using it as an AirPlay Streaming Box. First of all you will need to install Cydia on your device, using the most relevant software , go here for our tutorials on how to download Cydia [ext link].

Image : AirFloat turns any iOS Device into Airplay Receiver


Then, head over to Cydia and get yourself a copy of AirFloat. It’s a new, open source tweak that has just been released into Cydia and all you need is your old device and a Wi-Fi connection. No need to go buying expensive Apple TV’s or an AirPort Express, it’s not necessary.

Once you have installed it, go to the springboard, locate the AirFloat server app and tap to open it. Connect to the server using a device that supports AirPlay or through iTunes. One great feature of this tweak is that it will run in the background so you can carry on using the device for game playing or browsing as normal while your music plays.

AirFloat is available from the BigBoss repo [ext link], free of charge.  It has been removed as an app from iTunes now so this is just one more reason to install Cydia on your device.

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