3G Unrestrictor

Are you fed up with not being able to use some of your favorite apps on data? Some apps will

iRec App

Do you hate not having a decent screen recorder to use? Don’t want to jailbreak to get one? Not so

PP Jailbreak | PP Helper

PP jailbreak has been released for iOS 8 by a team of Chinese developers, supporting all compatible devices. PP team

Xposed Installer

Are you looking for a way to modify part of your Android operating system iOS users can do this with

SnowBreeze Jailbreak

Are you considering using Sn0wbreeze jailbreak but aren’t sure how it works? Then check out the guide below for full

Taig Jailbreak

Taig is a Chinese jailbreak team who have proved themselves trustworthy, providing fully working jailbreaks for all users. Taig jailbreak