ChromeCast Jailbreak

How would you like to turn your HDTV into a lean, mean, streaming machine? Well, with Google Chromecast, you can do just that. With this tiny little dongle, you can watch whatever you want on the internet. The critics are divided on this gadget; some say that it’s no better than Apple TV or Airplay while others say it’s a great device. What we’re going to tell you now will blow your mind.


What’s the secret?

Google Chromecast has been jailbroken.

That’s right, jailbroken to run on a modified version of Google TV OS.

Bear with me

Chromecast costs $35 to buy and supports pretty much any platform. It’s plug and play; slot into the HDMI port on your HDTV and stream whatever you want. With Wi-Fi built-in, things get even easier. But there are those that say there is no difference between Chromecast and Apple TV. Chromecast is definitely cheaper, but Apple TV offers more in the way of content. And that’s where jailbreaking wins the day.

Video: Jailbroken Chromecast

Let’s get started

How to Jailbreak Google Chromecast:

Before we start

A word of warning

This process is not without its risks. If anything does go wrong during the jailbreak, you may end up bricking your Chrome cast and that will make is useless.

Continue at your own risk

Ready to try?

You will need:

  • Google Chromecast device
  • USB Flash drive – 128 MB minimum size
  • The USB Image. Link below.
  • Micro USB OTG power cable

Download Link

  1. Format your USB flash drive
  2. Download the zip file
  3. Extract gtyhacker-chromecast.bin file
  4. Install the image you downloaded onto your flash drive, using this exact syntax – dd if=gtvhacker-chromecast.bin of=/devsdX bs=1024
  5. Plug the flash drive into the female port of the OTG cable
  6. Plug it into your Chrome cast
  7. As you plug in the power cable press the button on the Chrome cast down simultaneously
  8. Keep an eye on the screen and, if there is one, on the flashing light – you should see Chromecast boot up and then kernel (unsigned) is executed
  9. Your /system now gets replaced with a jailbroken version and /data is removed. You should see your Chrome cast reboot as normal – be patient as this can take a couple of minutes. Do NOT disconnect anything
  10. When it’s all done, the box starts up, displaying a screen followed by the Setup screen – set things up as you want them.

Video: Watch to see these steps

It looks tricky, and it can be

But follow the steps carefully, take your time, and you should have a successful jailbroken Chromecast device.

Your turn

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