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Cydia or Sileo, which one do you prefer? Sileo is an alternative to Cydia that is now being included as the package manager in the latest jailbreaks. In terms of aesthetics, there’s no arguing that it looks more modern. But Cydia holds a special place some people’s hearts, and it’s hard to give that up even if Sileo does look better. Well, now there’s a tweak that can make Cydia look just that little bit more up to date and it’s called Cyder.

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Even better. It’s free

What is Cyder?

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Cyder jailbreak tweak was brought to us by an iOS developer called CreatureSurvive ( Twitter ). What it gives us is a whole heap of features to make Cydia look more modern, and it uses Cydia Substrate. Of course, this does mean it will only work on the pre A12 devices as the newer iPhones and iPads all use Sileo, but if you are using an older device with Cydia, it is worth a look. And it has some neat features.

Let’s dive in

App Features:

Cyder brings users several decent features to modernize how Cydia looks:

  • Pull to Refresh
  • More modern looking table cells
  • Copy and Share sources
  • Integrated Bookmarks
  • Notched handsets get a fixed layout
  • Ability to swipe on a package with options to Remove, Queue Install, and Queue Remove
  • Ability to bulk-add sources

While all these features do give Cydia a fresher look, don’t expect the interface to change – it will still look like Cydia.


Then let’s see how to download it

Download Cyder Tweak:

This requires you to add a new package to Cydia, which isn’t difficult to do.

  1. Open Cydia > Sources iphone x cydia repo source_app download
  2. Tap on Edit > Add cydia repo source add iphone x _app download
  3. Now type the following URL for the new source –
  4. Tap on Add Source and wait
  5. When it’s done, go into the new source, find Cyder and download it as you would any Cydia tweak. cyder app app download

And we’re done

If you use Cydia, give Cyder a go. It is in beta so it may be a bit buggy, but you know how to delete a Cydia tweak if needed.

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