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Are you bored with the way your iPhone or iPad looks? Do you want your apps to work better or have other functionality that Apple doesn’t provide? Then you need Cydia. One of the most popular third-party app stores in the world, here you will find thousands of tweaks, themes, apps, and more that help you to get your device working just how you want it.  This is the one app store that Apple has so far failed to stop us from using.cydia app

Why is that important?

Read on for all the information you need to know about Cydia; what it can do for you, why you should use and how to download it.

How to Download:

The first thing you need to know is that to use this fantastic app store, you must first jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. In recent months, we haven’t seen too many updates but there are still jailbreak tools that work on some device from iOS 6 onwards, right up to and including iOS 12. Click on the button below to find a list of all the jailbreak tools available for your device:


But that’s not all.

What can Cydia actually do for you? Read on for all the benefits you gain from using this amazing tool:

Cydia Features:

  • You can only use Cydia with a jailbreak; it will not work as a standalone toolcydia appstore
  • It is packed with thousands of tweaks, apps, mods, themes, ringtones, games and more
  • Choose from thousands of themes and tweaks to change how your iPhone or iPad looks
  • Pick from hundreds of different tweaks and modifications to change the way your device functions
  • Change the way some of the stock apps work
  • Choose from hundreds of unlocked and modified apps and games
  • Download games emulators so you can play console games on your iOS device
  • Wallpapers, comics, magazines, iBooks, ringtones and much more
  • Most are free; some charge a small amount and all the tweaks and apps are updated by the developers regularly

But wait, there’s more

Cydia is free and it will always be that way. Apart from the small number of developers that charge a nominal fee to use their tweak, most of the content is completely free to. The only way to ensure that you keep up with all the latest Cydia news and download guides is to click on the linked page. You can also go to Facebook, like the page and click on Following > See First.

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