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Is your iPhone running slow? There is any number of reasons why this could be but most people notice it after they update their firmware to a brand new version. Loads of extra features, larger updates, it all adds up to make older devices agonizingly slow.

iphone slow

Want to know how to fix it?

Try these steps

How to Fix a Slow iPhone:

Work through these methods one at a time:

Method 1: Fresh Restore

Sometimes, an OTA update of the firmware is responsible for slowing your iPhone down so restore it using iTunes.

  1. Make sure iTunes is up to date
  2. Download the IPSW for your iOS firmware
  3. On your device, open Settings>iCloud>Find my iPhone and disable it
  4. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes
  5. Hold SHIFT or ALT key down and click Restore in iTunes itunes-restore
  6. Find your IPSW, click it and click Install
  7. Wait; iTunes will restore your device restore_in_progress

Did it work?

If not try the following steps

Method 2: Disable Spotlight and Siri Suggestions

  1. Open Settings>General
  2. Tap Spotlight Search
  3. Disable Siri Suggestions and toggle off all apps disable-siri-suggestions-ios-

Method 3: Reduce Motion

  1. Open Settings>General
  2. Tap Accessibility
  3. Tap on the toggle to enable Reduce Motion reduce_motion_ios_

Method 4: Delete Keyboards You Don’t Use

  1. Open Settings>General
  2. Tap Keyboard and then Keyboards
  3. Swipe left on any keyboard you don’t need to delete it delete-keyboards

We’re not done yet

Method 5: Disable Siri

If you really don’t use Siri all that much, it’s better to disable it

  1. Open Settings>General
  2. Tap Siri and disable it siri-settings

Method 6: Disable Automatic Updates

  1. Open Settings>App and iTunes Store
  2. Find Automatic Updates and disable everything automatic-updates-disable

Last but not least

Method 7: Clear Safari Website Data and Cache

You will not need to do this is you opted to restore your iPhone using iTunes:

  1. Open Settings>Safari
  2. Tap on Clear History and Website Data clear-history-and-website-

That’s it, we’re done

With any luck you now have a super speedy iPhone; at least one of these should have worked.

Did nothing work?

It may be that your iPhone is just too old and can’t handle the new update. In the first instance, contact Apple Care to see what they have to say.

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