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Some time back, the Google Chromecast was announced. Chromecast is a small dongle that allows you to, effectively, turn your HDTV into a streaming machine so you can any internet content you want. The critics came out in force; while some said it was a great device, others said it was no different and no more functional that Airplay or Apple TV. If you are undecided, we’re about to tell you something that could push you firmly onto the side of Chromecast.


What’s the secret?

The secret is this – Chromecast has been jailbroken! You can find a video on YouTube that shows the Chromecast being jailbroken and used but it has now been confirmed that it will not run on Chrome. Instead, the jailbroken Chromecast runs on Google TV OS, a modified version which is, in turn, a modified version of Android.

Still with me?

Chromecast is o expensive, costing just $35 and will work on any platform. All you do is plug it into an HDMI port on your TV and the stream away to your heart’s content. It also has built-in Wi-fi making things even easier.

While some say that Apple TV is the same, Chromecast is the cheaper option but, while both Roku and Apple TV, both costing around $100, do offer more content choice, jailbreaking Chromecast puts it firmly up there, even ahead of the more popular devices and we’re going to show you exactly how to do it.

Video: See Chromecast being jailbroken

How to Jailbreak Google Chromecast:

Before we provide you with a tutorial, we do need to warn you that, as with any form of hacking, there is a certain amount of risk with this; should anything go wrong, you are running the risk of bricking your Chromecast which will put it out of action for good.

You will need:

  • Google Chromecast
  • USB flash drive, minimum 128 MB. Format it before use
  • The USB image – download
  • A Micro USB OTG powered cable


  1. Download the .zip file and extract a file called gtyhacker-chromecast.bin
  2. Install the entire image on the flash drive; make sure you use this syntax: dd if=gtvhacker-chromecast.bin of=/dev/sdX bs=1024
  3. Connect the flash drive to the OTG cable (female port)
  4. Connect it to your Chromecast
  5. When you plug the power cable in hold the button on the Chromecast down at the same time
  6. Watch the screen and the light flashing on the flash drive (if there is one). Chromecast should boot up and the unsigned kernel will be executed
  7. A new script will replace your /system with a jailbroken version and the /data will be erased; your Chromecast should then reboot normally. This is going to take a minute or so to complete so do not disconnect anything in the meantime
  8. Once complete, you will see your box restarting and a screen will appear, followed closely by the setup screen. From here, set your Chromecast up as you want it.

Video: Watch to see this process

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  1. Danielle Heiney says:

    Very usefulk stuff..what a smart guy thanks

  2. Hyper says:

    syntax: dd if=gtvhacker-chromecast.bin of=/dev/sdX bs=1024
    how to do this on windows?

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