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Do you hate not having a decent screen recorder to use? Don’t want to jailbreak to get one? Not so long back, we would have recommended an app called iRec but its no longer in use.

irec app

Let me explain

iRec was a Cydia app, a revolution in screen recorders given what it could do. Not only did it provide us with screen recording facilities, something that Apple has only just done, but it also offered those featured in Full HD 1080p. You could add audio, and you got features like auto-compression and in-app customizations.

So what went wrong?

iRec Is Discontinued!

The developers decided that the cost of maintaining an older app to work on the latest technology far outweighed the cost of developing a new app. So

That’s what they did

EveryCord was Born.

This new screen recorder offers a fantastic range of features unrivaled by any of the offerings in the official app store.

And you know the best bit?

It’s completely FREE

Just like iRec was.

Download EveryCord:everycord

Obviously, you can’t download this from the app store; Apple wouldn’t allow this past their security, but you can still get it very easily. Check out the link below for a full download guide:

We’re not done yet

iRec Alternatives:

iRec was just one of several excellent screen recorders; another one that proved extremely popular was AirShou.


airshou app

AirShou was one of the more popular Cydia apps, but the developers opted to pull it out of the jailbreak store. Now, with an update to it, anyone with an iOS device can use it. It has some fantastic features, is easy to use and you can customize it to suit you. Check out the link below for all the details

The best part?


Over to you

Screen recorders are always going to be popular. While Apple has provided the screen recording feature starting iOS 11, it is really very basic and just isn’t enough for today’s busy world. Try EveryCord or AirShou and compare them to the stock recording facilities.

Much better, aren’t they?

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