How to Check if your WiFi Router is Hacked

It’s not just your computer or your mobile device that can be hacked these days; your wireless router can be as well.

There are plenty of tools and utilities that will tell you whether your computer has been hacked, and there are also tools that will stop a hijacking from happening in the first place, as far as possible anyway. Routers are just as vulnerable to hacking, perhaps more so because not many people are aware of how to protect them. We don’t tend to take a lot of notice of our routers, so a hotspot that has been compromised could put us at a state of risk.

Help is at hand, though, in the form of Router Checker from F-Secure. Router Checker is a web-based tool that will determine in seconds whether anything is amiss with the router or not. It looks at the DNS that connects you to the internet through the router to see if it is behaving as it should be. There is nothing to download here, no app, nothing to install; all you do is run Router Checker through your browser. It works on all current browsers, including mobile browsers, which allows you to check your iPhone or iPad at the same time.

Check Router Security:

To use Router Checker, go to this address: and press on Start. Router Checker will scan your router to see if the DNS is working as it should, i.e., requests are routed correctly instead of being sent off to a third party.

Within seconds, the Router Checker will tell if all is well or not.

DNS hijacking is the number one method for unscrupulous hackers to phish for credit card details, usernames, passwords, and a lot more besides giving the hacker carte balance at wreaking total havoc on your personal and digital privacy. Router Checker will be ideal to use when you are in a public place to make sure that your privacy isn’t being compromised in your local coffee shop or at the train station.

Give it a go and tell us what you think of it.

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