SiriPort – Get Siri on Older iPhone Models

Are you still searching for the best way to port Siri onto an older device? Then look no further because we have the answer – SiriPort. A tried and tested method, SiriPort will help you to get Siri onto any iOS device older than the iPhone 4S.


And you know what?

It’s simple, so simple to do.

Is there a catch?

Download SiriPort:

Just one – your iPhone must be jailbroken because SiriPort is a Cydia tweak. Head to our Cydia page to find the jailbreak tool for your device and iOS version and then come back here.


Let’s do this

  1. Open Cydia on your iPhone iphone_4_jailbreak_cydia
  2. Tap on Edit>Add
  3. Type the following URL into the box – SiriPort-Cydia-repo
  4. Tap Add Source and wait; Cydia will add the source
  5. Respring and open Cydia
  6. Search for SiriPort
  7. Tap to install – this may take a while as it is quite a large tweakSiriPort-Cert
  8. When it has finished, your iPhone will reboot
  9. Go to your computer web browser and type When the website opens, download a file called 1.cert
  10. Email the file to yourself
  11. On your iPhone, open the email and download the attachment
  12. Tap Install>Done on the installation page
  13. Reboot your iPhone and long-press your Home button – you should now have Siri
  14. Say “Hi Siri” to test it

It sounds simple

And it is

If for some reason, Siri does not activate, repeat steps 13 and 14 again – keep doing this until it works.


It may not work for all users but it has worked for the vast majority.

Try SiriPort for yourself; don’t forget to let us know if it worked or not. If it did, great; you now have the popular talking iOS assistant on your older device.

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