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vShare is one of the best Cydia alternatives we have, allowing us to download apps, games, modified and unlocked content and more, all completely FREE.vshare app

What’s that? FREE?

Yes. With thousands of apps and games to choose from, vShare is incredibly versatile, it works on any iOS device from iOS 8 right up to iOS 12. You can find out everything about vShare below.

Download vShare:

vShare is very simple to download. It involves allowing the configuration profile to install on your device so make sure you follow these steps very carefully for a successful download.

  • https://vshare.store/download/

  1. Launch the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and then tap the large download button above
  2. An information page will load; read it and then tap the Install link – if you miss this step, you cannot install the configuration profile
  3. When Settings has opened, ta the Install Profile link and type in your passcode
  4. Tap on the Install vShare button when Safari has opened again; a confirmation window will pop up, tap on Install
  5. Settings will open again, tap Install>Next and then on Done on each of the pages that open
  6. Look on your home screen and you should see the vShare icon – if not you haven’t followed the steps properly and will need to repeat them

Is vShare Legal and Safe to Use?

Yes to both questions. vShare is incredibly safe because the developers have given it a thorough test to ensure that there is nothing nasty lurking in it. They also update it regularly, not just with security fixes and updates but with new content too. In terms of being legal, it works just like a normal app Unlike Cydia, it does not need root access to the iOS and that means it isn’t breaking any security rules. It is a legal way of hacking your device and it is protected even further with SSL encryption, built right into the app.

Why Do You Need vShare?

As Apple updates the iOS firmware they introduce new features so you might be asking yourself why you even need an app like vShare. It’s simple; vShare offers you the chance to download modified games, tweaked apps, unlocked content, even a few basic Cydia tweaks, that you can’t get from Apple or the official app store. If you don’t install it, you can’t have any of this great content, it’s as simple as that.

vShare Features:

vShare is full of useful features and to make things easy, the developers have provided four categories to choose from:

  • App Store Apps – everything from the official app store, all for free
  • vShare Apps – tweaks, emulators, music apps, movie apps, screen recorders and more
  • Tweaked Apps – stock apps with new features including Terraria TV, Spotify++, MovieBox and more
  • Modified Games – all your favorites with added features, including Pokémon Go, GTA, MyPlayHome and more

vShare is and always will be a popular alternative to Cydia. You won’t get a bigger choice of modified and unlocked content anywhere else so download it and follow us on Facebook for all the updated news and tips.

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