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Social media apps top the charts everywhere, not surprising really given how much time we spend on social media sites these days. One of the top apps, designed to keep us in touch with each other 24/7, is WhatsApp but, while it offers some pretty good features, there are a number of important ones missing. Do you want all the extra features for FREE? Then you need WhatsApp Plus.

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What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. It really is all for free just by downloading an app installer called Emus4U, also free by the way, and you get all these great features:

App Features:

  • Choose whether to show your Online and Last Seen statuses
  • Disable Read receipts
  • Access the app through Passcode and Touch ID
  • Forward DRM-free music to your friends
  • Use an uncropped image for your profile
  • One-tap recording
  • Disable Delivery receipts
  • Some options for customizing the app
  • Much more

But wait, there’s more

You don’t even need to install Cydia to get all these great features for FREE.

How to Download:

Now for a secret

Emus4U is the top source for WhatsApp Plus and when you download it you are getting access to thousands of other apps and games, all for free. Check out the link below for a full download guide.

  • https://emus4u.app/download/

It really is that simple.

Just open Emus4U and search for the app; install it on your iPhone or iPad and away you go.

Untrusted Developer Error Easy Fix:

While Emus4U doesn’t usually kick up any major errors, there is one error that you may experience on your first use of the app – the untrusted developer error. It’s easy enough to solve using these steps:

  1. Open General in your Settings app
  2. Tap Profiles and look for the app profile in the list
  3. Tap on it and trust it
  4. Close settings and try the app again; the error is gone.

To avoid the error, do these steps before you try to use the app.

Emus4U is a great choice of app installer with so much to choose from you won’t know where to start. There are modified games, unlocked games, tweaks, tweaked apps, app store apps and more, all for free. Start with WhatsApp Plus, tell us what you think and get more app tips and tricks by following us on Facebook.

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