With Cydia Impactor no longer working for most people, sideloading IPA apps has become difficult. Now though, there is an alternative, and its called AltDeploy. It is a MacOS app though, so Windows users won’t be able to use it just yet.

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How to Download AltDeploy:

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As we said, you can only use this tool on macOS, which is another solution for Mac users without needing to use Cydia Impactor.

    1. Download AltDeploy onto your Mac
    2. Extract the zipped contents and open
    3. If security settings are enabled, go to Settings > Security and Privacy option and enable.
    4. Run the and go to Preferences 
    5. Click General > Manage Plugins
    6. Activate the AltPlugin.mailbundle
    7. Restart the

How to Use AltDeploy:

AltDeploy is an excellent alternative to Cydia Impactor for sideloading IPA files. Once you have installed the app, using it is very simple:

  1. Launch AltDeploy app on your Mac altdeploy app mac
  2. Plug your iPhone or iPad into your Mac
  3. Choose the IPA file you want to sideload and click Start
  4. Type in your Apple ID credentials 
  5. Open iOS Settings and go to General
  6. Tap on Device Management
  7. Find the certificate for the sideloaded app and tap it
  8. Tap Trust and close settings
  9. You can now run your app on your iPhone or iPad.

What is Alt Deploy?

Alt Deploy is a macOS solution for signing and sideloading IPA files to your iPhone or iPad, including some jailbreak tools, without worrying about app certificates being revoked – this tends to happen with alternative download methods, such as third-party app stores but AltDeploy fixes that issue. It is based on Riley Testut’s AltStore installer app and provides a number of preinstalled apps to choose from, as well as signing any other IPA file. It looks and works the same as Cydia Impactor, requiring your Apple ID credentials.

With Alt Deploy, you will get a Mail app add-on; this must be enabled in client preferences for the app. Once enabled, AltDeploy will work, but you must ensure your Mail app is open all the time you use AltDeploy.

The developer behind the tool, @pixelomer ( Twitter ), had created an AltStore app port that allowed IPA signing for certain apps; now, with a recent update, it works for all IPA files, and you also get support for the Dark Mode in OS X Mojave and above.

With this app, you can sideload any file; enjoy using it and follow us on Facebook for more news and updates.

20 Replies to “AltDeploy”

  1. Bhuwan says:

    I am unable to view Alt Deploy Plug-in in
    I am on macOS Catalina V-10.15.2.

  2. Barry says:

    Need to reinstall PoGo twice a day.. is that normal?

  3. Jussi Ikonen says:

    Works very well! I much hope you will keep this compatible with High Sierra as my mid-2010 iMac cannot be updated to Mojave or newer and 10.13.6 is the last macOS I can use. Now your app works really nice in my Mac! Please always keep High Sierra support available in the future like a legacy version .. We are many who don’t have new macs. Finally, thanks a lot of your app, really helpful for my purposes!

  4. Faseeg says:

    Will there ever be a windows version?

  5. Elmu says:

    Try to use it without the plugin. As soon as you execute the app it tells you that the plugin is missing and asks you if you wish to install it. Say yes. That´s it !

  6. H says:

    Seemed to stop working with iOS 13.3.1. I wish I’ve known?!!

  7. Tommy says:

    hi sir Alt deploy don’t work on high Sierra, mail V11.5 not support plugins, thnk u 🙂

  8. Lucas says:

    mac always says:the name for this app is invalid.i’ve rename the app,but it’s not to sovle this problem?

  9. Tommy says:

    I have entered the wrong password for my Apple ID and now I am unable to type a new password and it is not working.

  10. Dima says:

    Glad for you, but with same setup im running on 1100 error that says my session has ended, pls log in. Dont you have that one currently?

  11. hector dalpiaz says:

    on Altdeploy, go to manage apple ids

  12. Cantera says:

    I noticed that I need to uninstall the sideloaded app before I am able to successfully sideload it again via altdeploy, is this the norm?

  13. mike says:

    why do the apps unsign every day? isn’t there a way to keep it on the phone for 7 days like before?

  14. Esra says:

    thats great thanks

  15. arno says:

    Version for windows??When?

  16. Jerry Tsang says:

    really thank you for this amazing app
    waiting for a long long time
    because Cydia impactor is stop to update
    thank you so much for sharing

  17. along says:

    Two-factor authentication is turned on, and a dedicated password is used or it keeps prompting: An error occured while installing the app.

  18. G Picard says:

    Thank for this tool!

    But need help how to use my Apple Developer certificate. Each time, i received an email about AltDeploy try to revoke it. But i want to use it because my Mac is too old for a new Xcode (need AltDeploy).

  19. Ruth says:

    I don’t have a Mac so can I do it in another way

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