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Millions of people jailbreak their devices every day; it’s not difficult and you get access to Cydia, the jailbreak app store, along with several default app sources. Most people don’t have any trouble but, sadly, some do. The main problem reported is that the BigBoss repository is not there in Cydia – this is the biggest default repository, idea for beginners as it contains a good range of everything a person needs to experience jailbreaking at its bestbigboss repo source

If BigBoss is missing, it can cause a lot of problems and while it doesn’t happen often, on occasion is does get missed out of the installation. A more common reason why it isn’t there is that it has been deleted, usually by accident, but you’ll be happy to learn that there is a very easy way to add it back into Cydia.

Adding BigBoss Repo to Cydia

  1. Launch Cydia on your iPhone or iPad cydia
  2. It will open in the main screen and you will see a series of options along the bottom; tap More Package Sources bigboss_repo
  3. A new screen loads where you will see a list of sources that can be added easily. There is also a disclaimer telling you that you add sources to Cydia at your own risk. Look for the repo, tap on it and wait for the package installation to finish bigboss_repobigboss_repo

If you don’t seethe BigBoss repo in the list, don’t worry because there are two more ways to go:

Method 1: Adding A Source To Cydia

  1. Launch Cydia and, from the options at the bottom tap on Sources cydia
  2. Tap Edit > Add cydia repo_source cydia repo_source
  3. Input the following URL exactly – cydia repo_source
  4. Tap Add Source and it will be installed bigboss_repo

Method 2: Restore your Device and Jailbreak

If you are still struggling to get the repo back on Cydia, your only option may be to restore your iPhone or iPad and then repeat the jailbreak again. Do be aware that using iTunes to do this will result in your device being restored to the latest iOS version and there may not be a jailbreak available. You can use a tool called Electra jailbreak to help you with this though .

Update :

Following an issue with the BigBoss repo, we can confirm that it has now been fixed and updated and is now perfectly safe to use.

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