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Cydia Eraser was once known as Cydia Impactor, but it was updated and given a new name by its creator. It is perhaps one of the most powerful tools that an iOS user who uses Cydia regularly could have because it is used to remove Cydia without updating you to a later version of the iOS.cydia eraser

Cydia Eraser is very easy to install and use; just follow the steps below. Please make sure you install it as soon as you have installed Cydia, it is the only way to ensure your iOS version is retained and you can reinstall Cydia at any time.

How to Install Cydia Eraser:

Because Cydia is constantly being patched by Apple, the usual methods of restoring your device will mean that you can no longer install it once Cydia has been removed.  It is strongly recommended that when you install Cydia, you should immediately install Cydia Eraser to protect your iOS firmware. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Plug your iPhone or iPad into your PC or Mac and open iTunes
  2. Back your data up, this is an important step so don’t skip it
  3. Keep your device connected and make sure that you have an absolute minimum of 20% battery ( more is better ) battery charge
  4. Launch Cydia on your device and search for Cydia Erasercydia eraser
  5. Install it the same way you do any Cydia app cydia eraser
  6. When your device resprings, you will see the app icon on your home page cydia_eraser

How to Use Cydia Eraser:

If you need to remove Cydia from your device, here’s how to do it with Cydia Eraser:

  1. Open Cydia Eraser by tapping the icon on your home page
  2. Tap the option to Delete All Data and Unjailbreak Device cydia_eraser_delete
  3. On the new window, tap Delete All to confirm your choice
  4. Leave things alone, when the process has finished, your device will reboot back to the original iOS version without Cydia; you can now set your device up hello_screen_ iphone

Cydia Eraser Features:

Anyone who has used Cydia long term will already be aware of the main features but, for the benefit of those who haven’t used it:

  • Cydia Eraser removes Cydia from your iOS device without affecting your iOS version. Normally, if you were to use iTunes to do this, your device would be updated to the latest iOS firmware, so this feature is very important
  • This means Cydia is removed, but you may install it again on the same iOS version
  • Removes all signs of Cydia so, to all extents and purposes, it was never there; if you need to take your device into an Apple repair shop or you are selling it, nobody will ever know that Cydia was ever installed. This keeps your warranty safe too.
  • You don’t need your PC or Mac as Cydia Eraser works directly on your iPhone or iPad.

Other Ways to Delete Cydia:

Deleting Cydia from your iPhone or iPad without using Cydia Eraser is also possible and is quite simple. This is for a scenario where you do not have access to the Cydia Eraser app on Cydia Store. This also works to delete the Sileo jailbreak appstore.

Method 1: Using Succession App

This method involves using a brand new jailbreak tool called Succession. This allows you to remove your jailbreak without affecting your iOS version, leaving you free to jailbreak again whenever you want.

  1. Launch Cydia and tap on the Sources tab
  2. Tap on Edit and then Add
  3. We need to add a repository so type in this URL –
  4. Tap on Add Source – the repository will be added to Cydia.

How to Use Succession:

Using it is easy enough:

  1. Open Cydia and tap the Search tab
  2. Type in Succession and, when the result appears, download it as you would any tweak
  3. Tap the Succession icon on your home page
  4. Tap Download Clean Filesystem on the main Succession page succession app iphone x
  5. Tap on Start Download and wait; this may take a while as the IPSW has to be downloaded
  6. When the Download Complete notification appears, go back to the main Succession window
  7. Tap on Prepare for Restore
  8. Tap on Erase iPhone

That’s all; once the process is complete, your iPhone reboots, and you can go ahead and set it up again.

Method 2: Restore the iPhone or iPad

The following process of deleting and removing jailbreak from your device also upgrades your device to the latest supported version of iOS, which might not be jailbreakable. So there is a trade-off in this method, and hence should only be the last resort to remove jailbreak from your device.

This method will remove all your data, and your device will be restored to the latest iOS firmware. Before you start:

When you have done all that:

  1. Launch iTunes and plug in your device
  2. If requested, type your passcode on your device passcode
  3. Click on Yes when you see the Trust This Computer message iphone-x-home-trust-computer-alert
  4. Click on the Device Summary for the device and then click Restore restore-iphone
  5. Click Restore again and leave your device, when it’s done it will reboot to the Hello screen on the latest iOS version – the jailbreak app is gone, and you can start again

Method 3: Restoring from iTunes Backup

Hopefully, you have been making regular backups of your data:

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Plug your device in and input your passcode on your device
  3. If you see the Trust this Computer message, tap Yes
  4. Click on the device summary
  5. Click on Restore Backup
  6. A list of your backups will appear, choose one from before you installed Cydia
  7. Click Restore and leave it – iTunes will now restore to your chosen backup.
  8. If asked, input your passcode and make sure your device remains connected to your computer throughout the backup – if not, it can’t sync with your PC
  9. When it’s done, disconnect, and Cydia is gone

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44 thoughts on “Cydia Eraser App”

    • hey , if you cannot use Cydia eraser , then you will have to use iTunes to restore your device. or if you have a software update pending , do that, and Cydia will automatically be removed. hope that helps.

  1. How can I delete the Cydia from my iPhone? There is no chance to install the Cydia Eraser and it’s no chance to delete 😡😡

  2. hi my name is Kody and i recently installed cydia and i tried it out and it doesnt work at all and now i am trying to delete it but i cant cuz cydia dont work so i would really appreciate it if u got back to me asap because its pissing me the f*ck off


    • apologies for the confusion. Yes, then the only option is restoring via iTunes on your computer or update to newer iOS version.

  3. Plz send help I downloaded cydia but not its revoked and my ppsspp and Inds emulators are to, I just wanna delete them but there not even in my settings as apps taking up my storage space. WHAT DO I DO!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • hi, you can backup your iPhone on iTunes. then restore again from that backup on iTunes. Cydia won’t be restored back in that process.

  4. i was jailbroken on ios 11.2.6 by electra but now its not working , should i download the uncover or i have to remove the electra

    please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. For those that want to erase Cydia here is a simple way . Find an iPhone with a similar iOS version. Preferably without any Apple ID and with no data e.g pics etc. make a backup and restore the home you want to erase cydia with.

  6. Hej team Cydia
    i recently used Cydia on my old iPhone 4. Now i a broken phone as i have spinning wheel and i cannot connect to iTunes .The phone starts only for less thank a minute. connects to itunes and when i want to press the restore button it goes in this spinning wheel. Its really frustrating as i wanted to take this phone to a festival. Please help and guide me or an software which can override this function. Please help

  7. Hello, I am thinking of jailbreaking my iPhone using Chimera, but before I do this, I just want to know exactly what this would do to my phone, and if I decided I want to return my iPhone back to how it was before, how would I do that. Thank you.

  8. You guys forgot a way 😛

    If you have terminal on your phone open up the command line. Then run:

    su root
    -the default password is ‘Alpine’
    dpkg -r packagename
    -obviously replace “packagename” with your packagename

  9. If I use the iTunes for removing the Cydia and my v 12.1.4 he will restore and update I don’t want to Chang the v for my phone

  10. Hey so I accidentally deleted uncover on iOS 12.4 and the I freaked out because I could not uninstall cydia, so I reset my device but now I still have apps that I download through cydia but I don’t have cydia installed and now I can’t jailbreak.

  11. simply install chimera, jailbreak (chimera deletes cydia) and delete all tweaks expect substruate safe mode and search in sileo, sileo installer and press modify and voila

  12. Jordan,
    Step 1: Download Chimera.
    Step 2: Jailbreak.
    Step 3: Open Sileo.
    Step 4: Install Succession.
    Step 5: Press “Download an ISPW”.
    Step 6: Wait for the download to be finished.
    Step 7: After the download Press “Prepare for restore” in Succession app.
    Step 8: Tap Erase iPhone.

    Hope this worked for you!
    Best regards,

  13. Is there anyway that I can remove jailbreak on iOS 11.4 without losing any data if there is any way to do this so please share with me Thanks….

  14. While using the Succession app to remove Cydia, I was almost done with the “Download Clean Filesystem” step, however, it stopped on a screen and was constantly “Unzipping…” It has not gotten off of this screen yet and it has still been an hour, any suggestions or help on what this “Unzipping…” stage means?

  15. Hi team Cydia, at the moment i have a jailbroken iphone 6 ios 12.5 using checkra1n. Can I jailbreak again using chimera since i found it easier to re-jailbreak using chimera. So it’s kinda like having cydia from checkra1n and sileo fro chimera, would it be possible?? thanks!


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