Enable Send Last Location of your iPhone

Do you use the Find My iPhone feature? It is useful because if your iPhone over gets lost or stolen, it can help you find it again.

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It’s only in the last couple of years that Apple has made improvements to it, adding in a great new feature called Send Last Location. If your iPhone is lost or stolen and the battery runs out, it shuts down. Not only can you not track it and find it, but you can’t find the last known location. For many, that made the feature useless. Not anymore.

Apple made several improvements to Find My iPhone; first, they made it so that the feature was automatically activated when a user set up their device, and second, they added the option to “Send Last Location”.  Now, if your iPhone disappears, you can track it until the battery dies.

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That makes it much easier for you to locate it.

How to Enable Send Last Location:

  1. Open iOS Settings
  2. Find and tap the iCloud option
  3. Find and tap on Find my iPhone
  4. Tap to enable Send Last Location   send last location iphone lost_image_

You can see the last location of your iPhone in two ways:

  • Using the Find My iPhone app from the app store
  • Using the Find My iPhone web app from icloud.com

Things to Know:

  • Make sure that Find my iPhone is fully activated on your device, it may be the only way to find it!
  • Make sure you follow the steps above to enable Send Last Location
  • If your iPhone is stolen, the feature may not be useful; make sure Activation Lock is enabled on your device. This will keep your device in Lock mode, making it harder to access.

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