How to Merge Two Internet Connections

These days, a stable internet connection is a must, especially when working remotely. There is a way to ensure your connection is reliable – Combine 2 connections from different providers into 1 single internet connection.

merge internet connection

Steps to Merge Two Internet Connections:

Following are the two methods to get a reliable internet connection by merging two internet connections from separate internet service providers.

The Software Solution:

To do this, you will need two ethernet adapters – one for each internet provider. Most modern computers will have two – an ethernet port and Wi-Fi – but make sure you check your computer.


  1. Use an ethernet cable to connect your computer to your router or modem
  2. Next, connect your computer to a different provider using your Wi-Fi connection
  3. If you want to connect a third, add a cellular data adapter to your computer via USB

To merge your connections, you need an app called Speedify. This is a VPN app that allows multiple connections to be merged, so long as they all connect at the same time.

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  1. Download Speedify for Mac or Windows. The free version is limited to 2 GB per month; unlimited access costs start at $89.99 per year.
  2. When Speedify is downloaded, it will open on your computer. Click to agree the terms and conditions and you will be taken straight to the subscription signup page. Keep clicking right to go past this if you don’t want a paid subscription yet.
  3. On the last page, click on Use Limited Free Version and you will be taken to the main window, where you will see a list of your active connections. If you don’t see any, check your connections and make sure all services are active
  4. Click on Activate (top-right of the window) and Connected should appear, along with details of the server you have connected to.

So long as you keep Speedify running, your internet reliability and speed will increase.

The Hardware Solution:

Speedify is a great app and is perfect for those who work while traveling and use a USB data modem. However, if you work from a fixed place or need reliability across the board, you can use two hardware options.

  • Load Balancing Routers


Load Balancing routers allow you to connect and combine two to four wired modems into one connection.

  1. Connect your internet providers to the load-balancing router and connect the router to your computer.
  2. Open Device Settings – check the manual for your specific model
  3. Click on Advanced > Load Balance and check that the boxes beside Enable Bandwidth Based Balance Routing and Enable Application Optimized Routing are NOT checked – this will allow both connections to be used for the best reliability and speed

Your computer can now use all the available connections. However, you can also share this connection over Wi-Fi; simply plug a Wi-Fi router into the LAN port, and all devices connected by Wi-Fi can take advantage of the reliability and speed.

  • Aggregate Connections ( Mac )

If you use a Mac computer, two physical connections can be combined into one, but you will need two 802.3ad-compliant ethernet ports. You probably have one available on your Mac, so you will need a USB-C Thunderbolt 3 to Gigabit Ethernet adapter; two if you don’t have an ethernet port on your computer.

  1. Link Aggregation can be set up once you have connected your internet connections and both are active.
  2. Open System Preferences > Network
  3. Locate the three dots beside the +/- options – these are at the bottom of the connections, bottom of the screen. mac merge internet
  4. Click the dots and click New Link Aggregate.
  5. A window opens showing the ethernet ports available; ensure the checkboxes beside those you want to use are checked.
  6. Next, type a name in the Aggregate Name box for your new connection
  7. Click on Create > Apply, and your Mac combines the two connections – you now have better speed and reliability.

These solutions are now being used increasingly, especially as more people are starting to work from home. Internet reliability is a big issue. Until a 100% reliable solution is made available or networking companies can develop better and easier technology, those listed above are your best bet for now.

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