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Mojo Installer is an app store, albeit an unofficial one, offering a similar experience to the stock Apple AppStore but with a difference; everything is “FREE” and most of the apps and games are 3rd-party and unofficial.

mojo installer

Update: Mojo Installer is not working anymore. We recommend downloading the AppCake app. Use the link below.

AppCake Store

That’s Not All …

You also don’t need to jailbreak and, in Mojo Installer you will find several categories making it easier to find what you want :

  • Unofficial apps
  • Tweaks for iOS
  • iOS apps and games
  • Cydia apps

It Gets Better :

Mojo Installer ( twitter ) lets us download apps and games that have extra features and functionality aside from what the stock apps offer, and it is packed with useful features :

Download Mojo Installer:

Installing Mojo is quite simple; you just need to follow these instructions carefully.

Configuration Profile

  1. Open Safari and then tap on the download button above.profile settings open
  2. Tap Install on the page that opens so that the configuration profile can be installed on your iPhone or iPad
  3. When your Settings app has opened, tap the link to Install Profile and, if required, put your passcode in mojo_installer_profile
  4. In Safari browser, tap the link to Install Mojo and then tap on Install to confirm; this will launch Settings again
  5. Tap on Install > Next and then on Done as each of the pages loads and Mojo will be installed to your device mojo_installer_sources3
  6. If the Mojo icon doesn’t load on your device then you may not have installed it correctly; go back over these steps again.

Still Not Working? Then get an Alternative.

There are several good Mojo Installer alternatives released afterward like the Emus4U app, and several of them are very good compared to Mojo Installer.

Fix Profile Installation Failed :

This error is being reported quite a bit, and the most common reason for this is the Apple servers are overloaded with traffic. Leave things be for a while and then try again but if you get the same error again, the next thing to do is clear your device cache and browser history. You do that like this:

  1. Place your device into airplane mode
  2. Open Settings > Safari > Clear History & Website Data
  3. Tap the option to Clear History & Data safari_clear_history_and_website_data
  4. Take your device out of airplane mode and then leave it for a couple of minutes; try downloading the app again, and you should be successful

Still Can’t Get Mojo Installer Working?

Contact Developers on Facebook

Top Sources for Mojo Installer:

There are a number of repositories that we know work with Mojo, and we will add to this as we find more:


Mojo Installer Features:

There are a lot of different reasons why you might want to use Mojo, including:

  • You don’t need to install Cydia
  • It isn’t as simple to install as an app store app, but it isn’t difficult
  • It is user-friendly, simply find the app you want and download it
  • You don’t need any technical expertise to use Mojo
  • You don’t need Wi-Fi to run Mojo
  • You can choose from a number of packages; just use the Quick Search tool in Mojo to help you
  • Track your downloads using Package History in Mojo
  • You can use other hosts for downloading apps and packages, not just Mojo
  • Mojo can be downloaded in no less than 5 languages
  • It is easy to delete if you don’t want Mojo any longer

It isn’t the same as Cydia, but Mojo does offer a lot of choices and is a great Cydia-alternative.

Difference between Mojo and Cydia:

mojo installer vs cydia

Mojo and Cydia are not the same although they do offer similar content. Here are the main differences between them:

  • iOS Compatibility – many Cydia tweaks are no longer compatible with the current iOS versions, but the ones that you find in Cydia are. They have nowhere near the functionality that Cydia tweaks do and there aren’t so many either, but they do offer something to use in the interim
  • User Interface –many iOS users are familiar with the Cydia interface but Mojo has a much easier interface use, and the apps themselves are also easier. You need no knowledge of jailbreaking, nor do you need any technical know-how to use Mojo whereas Cydia is a little more comprehensive for new users.
  • Features –Cydia offers a lot of options including the use of non-stock apps. Mojo only allows you to use 3rd-party apps,  limiting what you can do.
  • Price – Cydia and Mojo are free; the only cost is in the tweaks themselves. Some are free; others come with a price tag, usually a small one.
  • Warranty –Apple has made it clear that, should you take a jailbroken device to an Apple store, they will void your warranty. However, you can delete Cydia easily. Mojo doesn’t bring that problem with it because it is safe to use; security is not compromised in any way, and you are, technically, not downloading anything that you shouldn’t so your warranty cannot be voided. If you are concerned though, Mojo is simple to delete.

Mojo Installer is a simple app installer to use, offering a heap of modifications to stock iOS apps. It’s a great interim solution while we wait for Cydia to be updated so try it and follow us on Facebook and get all the latest news and updates.

Additional Information:

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    Icon loaded onto screen,but when trying to open it says “cannot open mojo because it could not connect to the server”

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    does this still work on an Ipad Mini 1st Generation? ive tried everything and cant Verify the Developer, just says im not connected to the internet no matter what i try. Ive tried ALL of the alternatives youve provided

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    Mine will not open, it says cannot open mojo, Retry or Close.

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    So nice app

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    The app is still crashing i redownloaded it and cleared my data and history i need help

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