10 NotePad Plus Tricks You Didnt Know

Notepad++ is one of the most popular text editors for Windows.notepad-plus

Here are 10 of the best tips and tricks for Notepad++.

  1. Find Specific Text or Words in Multiple Files

If you have multiple files you need to replace a word or a section of text in, it can be a pain to go through each individually. With Notepad++, you can use the Find and Replace operation on multiple files simultaneously. Here’s how:

  • Open all the documents that you want to make a change in
  • Press CTRL+F, and the Find tab opens
  • Type in the word or words that you want to find and then type in what you want them replaced with
  • Click Find/Replace in All Opened Documents

You will see the results at the bottom of the window

  1. Make Your Files Edit-Proof

We all press buttons by accident so if you want to make a file or files edit-proof, simply change the permission to Read-Only. To do this, right-click the File tab and then click on Read Only.

  1. Reverse Indent/Back Tab

Programmers often end up with the wrong indentation while writing code and this makes things look messy. To fix this, highlight the relevant code and press on SHIFT+TAB.

  1. Comment/Uncomment Single Lines

When programmers write code, they use // to indicate a single-line comment but with Notepad++, there is an easier way. Click the line where you want the comment and press CTRL+Q. The whole line will now be a comment and uncomment it, do the same, press CTRL+Q.

  1. Delete Macros

Macros are incredibly useful for big programmers, allowing us to save time by reusing bits of code. Once the code is written though, you are left with the macros but deleting them is simple. Open Settings > Shortcut Mapper > Macros, choose the macro you want to delete and then click on Delete

  1. Launch Your HTML Codes in Multiple Browsers

This is a useful tip for developers who need their code tested on different browsers. Traditionally, they would have to open .html in each browser individually but with Notepad++, they can do it in several. Simply open Run > Launch in Firefox/Safari/Internet Explorer/Chrome and any other browser that is installed.

  1. Using Box Selection

In Visual Studio 2010, one of the most popular features is Box Selection and this is also available in Notepad++. Box Selection allows you to select particular sections of text and edit it how you want. You can select columns, rows or rectangular sections. To do this, press ALT and drag the cursor to select the box. Once selected, you can carry out multiple operations, like Copy, Cut, Delete, mark each block as a Comment, Uncomment it, change the text between lower and uppercase or even choose Search for a Google search.

  1. View Your Files in Tree View

When you create a project, you need different modules and each file gets stored in a folder that has different folders. With Notepad++, you see all your files in Tree View. Click File > Open Folder as Workspace and then click the name of the folder you want to be opened in Tree view.

  1. Automatically Perform Operations

This is a very useful feature as it can save you a lot of time. On occasion, you might have needed to write the same code multiple times but with Notepad++, you can record Macros and then perform the jobs automatically. There is no limit to the number of Macros you can record, and you can use them when you want. To record, click Macro > Start Recording. When you no longer need the macro, delete as per the instructions in tip 5.

  1. Open All the Files in a Folder Simultaneously

If you want all the files in one folder opened at the same time, click on File > Open Containing Folder > Explorer and then choose why files you want to be opened. Click Enter, and the files will open. Alternatively, you can go to File Explorer, highlight all the files and press Enter.

Notepad++ is a useful Windows editor, packed with features and it’s completely free to use.

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