How to Remove WhatsApp Admin

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and most-used of all the messaging apps on iOS devices, offering features such as voice calls, group chat, private chat, broadcasts, ad much more besides. Group chat is an incredibly popular feature, allowing several people to get together at the same time. Sometimes, you may want to change the admin on a group or add new admins and we’ll show every step that you need to take on adding a new admin or changing an existing one on a WhatsApp Group.

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How to Add More Admins to Groups :

Group admins can add members and to remove them but a recent update has also given them the power to make another member a co-admin and they will have the same powers that he admin has. Here’s how to do it – bear in mind that you must be the admin of the group you are making the change to:

  1. Open the group
  2. Click on Group Info to get a list of the group members
  3. Select the member you want to add as a co-admin , press and hold on the name or number
  4. Tap on Make Group Admin
  5. That member will now be an admin of the group

Please note that this will not work on WhatsApp for Mac

How to Remove an Admin from Groups :

To remove an admin, that person first must be taken out of the group and then added in again as a standard member. Again, you must be an admin of the group you are changing and here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the group you want to change
  2. Follow the steps above to open the group member list
  3. You will now see the group admins; tap and hold the name of the member to be removed
  4. Tap on Remove (name of member)
  5. Now you can add that member again and he or she will just be an ordinary member not an admin of the group

Video: Watch this video to see these steps


How to Change WhatsApp Group Admin :

To do this, a group admin must first make the member an admin , see steps above. Then that new admin can then remove the original admin member and re-add him or her as a standard member. Once done, the group will have a new admin.

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