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In the dim and distant past, we used to be able to downgrade our iOS firmware to an earlier version. The only people who could understand the need to do this were those who used Cydia on their devices; quite simply, it gave us more options for jailbreaking. The tool used to do this was called TinyUmbrella; a tiny tool, it is one of the most powerful ever developed because it was the tool that helped us to save our SHSH blobs. Those blobs would then be transformed into a custom firmware file for a specific iOS firmware, allowing us to downgrade our devices.


However, this would only be done because Apple left a loophole in the iOS firmware. That was patched a long time ago and now we cant use TinyUmbrella to downgrade our devices. An update is expected to bring this functionality back but we can still use it for saving those all-important SHSH blobs – start now and when the app gets the update, you will have a choice of firmware to downgrade to.

How to Save SHSH Blob:

TinyUmbrella offers support for both Mac OS X and Windows so choose the version that you need for your computer:

And using it is even simpler:

  1. Plug your device into your Mac or PC and launch TinyUmbrella tinyumbrella
  2. Wait; it needs to recognize your Phone or iPad first. If it doesn’t, unplug your device, shut down TinyUmbrella and try again
  3. Once your device has been successfully recognized, TinyUmbrella will detect all SHSH blobs automatically and save them to an external file. tinyumbrella

Things to Note

  • TinyUmbrella can only be used for saving SHSH blobs for current firmware; if Apple isn’t signing it, they can’t be saved
  • Make sure you use TinyUmbrella immediately after updating the firmware on your device – every time
  • All SHSH blobs are saved into a file called ~/.tu.shsh tinyumbrella
  • TinyUmbrella will also save the details of all known devices and you can check this at ~/.tu/ .known_devices
  • There are three SHSH blob types – OTA, Erase (Restore) and Update Restore).

As we said, we are currently awaiting news that TinyUmbrella has received the all-important update that will allow us to use it for downgrading to a previous iOS firmware. We can’t tell you when that is going to happen but, for now, you should use TinyUmbrella after each update to save your blobs.

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