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iOS 7 is a massive change from previous firmware versions, with loads of great features and plenty of the all-important bug fixes and security updates, not to mention the improvements.


This page is all about how to download iOS 7 through iOS 7.1.2.

Active Firmwares:

  • iOS 7.1.2

Expired Firmwares:

  • iOS 7
  • iOS 7.0.1
  • iOS 7.0.2
  • iOS 7.0.3
  • iOS 7.0.4
  • iOS 7.0.5
  • iOS 7.0.6
  • iOS 7.1
  • iOS 7.1.1

Should you try to downgrade your device to one of the above firmware versions, a message would load telling you that the device isn’t supported or Error 3194. Read on because we’ll be telling you how you can downgrade safely later on.

device not eligible for requested build

How To Install iOS 7 Update:

iOS 7 can be downloaded in one of three ways; if you do intend to jailbreak your device in the near future, though, do avoid Method 1 – the OTA method – as Cydia isn’t compatible with it.

Make sure that your computer has the most up-to-date version of iTunes on it:

  1. Launch iTunes and click on Help from the menu bar
  2. Click Check for Updates
  3. Wait; if there is an update, iTunes will direct you to install it

Method 1: OTA (Over The Air)

As mentioned, this is NOT compatible with any jailbreak but it is the smallest and fastest update method:

  1. Open iOS Settings
  2. Tap General > Software Update
  3. Make sure your internet connection is working and wait
  4. When the update is found, tap on Install and let your device update
  5. It will reboot when done

Method 2: iTunes

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC or Mac
  2. Launch iTunes and if you have two or more registered devices, click the Summary for the one you connected
  3. Click the Update button and wait itunes-update-iphone
  4. When iTunes is done updating, your device will reboot to the new iOS version

Method 3: iTunes with IPSW

This is the most common method for those who want to jailbreak:

  1. Download the IPSW file for your device (see below)
  2. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone or iPad
  3. Click your device summary (only if more than one device is registered)
  4. Now press the SHIFT (Windows) or ALT (Mac) key on the keyboard and click Restore at the same time.itunes-restore
  5. Locate your IPSW file and click it ipsw-ios
  6. Click Install and wait; when iTunes is done updating, your iPhone or iPad will reboot

iOS 7.1.2 IPSW Links:

How to Downgrade iPhone:

If you wanted to downgrade your device to an earlier iOS version, you could only do it in one way, and you can find out what that is by clicking the link below:

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